Being a good musician is not an easy thing to do. It takes a lot of hard work, practice, and patience. Even if you get to the level of a “professional musician,” this does not guarantee great success. There are many excellent musicians in the world, but they could not make a name for themselves.

The music market is saturated with artists and bands of all styles, and most of their music can be found online. This means that it is tough to attract the attention of managers, producers, or labels and interest them in your music, no matter what genre we are talking about.

Be creative in your live performances.

One of the ways to get attention and talk about you is that all your concerts have something memorable. Although it is essential to sound good life and that your performance shows your musical skills, it is also a good idea to add some show to your performance and entertain people even more.

You are a musician, but you are also an artist in show business and, if you know how to cheer people up, they will have a better time at your concerts, and they will remember them longer. First of all, it is a good idea to have an exclusive image representing you and, in some way, your brand.

Blog from the heart

One of how many musicians have managed to attract attention is through blogs. If you think you have something to tell people about your music, your experience, knowledge, music team, concerts, bands, or whatever is related to music, think about starting a blog. Of course, you will also need to write well to be a blogger.

Make collaborations with other musicians

Meet and connect with colleagues and try to collaborate on mutual projects. This can not only help them notice you (if they have already made a name for themselves), but you can do something different and evolve musically, who knows, it can even give you ideas for new material,

If a person likes an artist very much, this person will most likely investigate the artists with whom they collaborate. This is how music works. People want to find similar artists and also enjoy their music, and collaborations can quickly put them in the right direction.

Vinyl is essential to audiophiles.

Although everyone listens to digital music today, many people still appreciate the sound of vinyl and like to listen to analog music. No matter what you think, plastic is not dead, and there is an essential community of people who prefer it.

If you try to make music whole, play your instruments, and write your songs, vinyl enthusiasts can be your target audience. They are people who love production, respect composers, and want to listen to good music.

Create a powerful visual presence

Images are also crucial to musicians. First of all, your appearance can make you stand out, and this is very important. On the other hand, your images on stage and your entire band (if you’re in one) must have the right image, connected to your story.

It would be best if you also made all your promotional material, photos, logos, and flyers have images that attract people’s attention and tell them that what you do is worth taking a look at. Your website, albums, or stage images can attract the attention of potential listeners who might like your music.

Tell your story

Your singing or guitar playing skills should be impeccable, but no one will be interested if there is no story behind it all. For example, Bon Jovi started playing when he was 13 when his neighbor gave him guitar lessons, and he went completely unprepared, which caused his neighbor to say “you’re a waste of time” and kick him out.

For many people, it is the route of entry. When they hear a good story, they pay attention to that music and are open to listening to it. It would help if you tried to make your story part of your live performances and try to get people in it.

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