A Yellow Belly is a specimen of the plain of Forez which in another time took care of the squash and worked shirtless in full sun !! beauseigne !! so nothing to do with us except that we like yellow, and that after, we end up shirtless (not all)

But what is a Bandaillou: It is a charming being, who takes and who gives pleasure with his instrument. He has a sense of celebration, he likes to laugh, sing, joke and drink as he is in solidarity with the local industry.

If you find yourself in this configuration do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you to the street music for what it brings to the daily life and thank you to all the musicians.

September 2003, end of rehearsal of the choir. After having remade the world over a drink, not two, no I no longer remember, a sentence in unison: “WE DO IT” …. BUT WHAT! The banda section is born. If you want to know more click on the link at the top !!!

First rehearsal in early October, casually we end up 25 with our binious and the story begins.

Currently we are 40 Bandaillous, and be careful because the Yellow Bellies are coming…