How many times have you played that song that you needed so much to raise your spirits? Or try to think, are not the best memories stored with your soundtrack? Music accompanies us throughout life and, luckily, it helps us to be happier. Here we tell you how it can be.

Happiness is a concept that acquires a meaning according to each person. While some look for it in great objectives, others achieve it enjoying the day’s small pleasures today. Music is one of those details malaysia horse racing tips that helps us to be happy since there is no denying the direct effect it has on our mood.

Music awakens our brains, fills it with stimuli, and it is pleasurable. Thanks to research in this field, we know exactly what causes us and how it helps us to be happier.

Why do we like music so much?

Music is generally so popular that people are addicted to it. From the time they get up until they go to bed, they need to be listening to music. It is a potent drug.

This is possible because when we listen to a song that we like, our brain releases a substance called dopamine. This substance is the primary engine of pleasure and happiness. Thus, also when we eat something delicious or have sex, its production is triggered.

Dopamine is part of the brain’s reward system, which means that when we segregate it, the brain interprets the source of pleasure as rewarding. Therefore, the motivation to seek that stimulus again will increase.

Music and its effects

Music in itself generates pleasant sensations, but these effects go beyond pure pleasure. When we put our body and brain in a satisfactory situation, we are indirectly facilitating other processes. That is, there are several intermediary factors between music and happiness.

Listening to music helps us focus.

When we listen to music that is of our grade, our relaxation increases, this state puts our brain in a situation that allows concentration to increase.

For this reason, listening to music while working is sometimes beneficial as it can increase performance. Also, it helps us avoid being distracted by other external agents that can make us waste time.

It can also be beneficial for health.

Without a doubt, listening to a song that we like activates our whole body. It makes us want to dance, and we even increase the rhythm when walking. This activation of endorphin, and the cardiovascular system, has direct effects on our health.

Furthermore, reducing stress and increasing well-being leads us to have a better quality of sleep and even improves our immune system. In this sense, listening to 50 minutes of energetic music has been found to increase our body’s production of antibodies.

Music and happiness

Being more productive and having better health makes us happier, but music directly affects how we feel and how we face life. Depending on the type of music, our mood will vary and can lead us to a state of sadness, nostalgia, or become energetic and happy with just a few musical notes.

These facts have been corroborated by science. A relationship has been found between musical style and the mid prefrontal cortex activity, meaning that music can have long-term effects. Thus, the music that helps us be happy now may be preparing us to be more comfortable in the future.

Glenda Perkins Listening To Music